Oracle Transportation Management Training – OTM


oracle otm online training


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Course Outline

  • OTM Introduction
  • OTM Navigation
  • OTM Preference
  • OTM Theme
  • ADD and Retrieve OTM Data

Scenario: Build, execute and settle a shipment

  • Simple Order
  • OTM Status
  • Explanation
  • Build Shipment
  • Shipment Modification Manual
  • Tendering process
  • Shipment events
  • Visibility
  • Freight Settlement

Scenario: Configure OTM, Build, Tender and Settle a Multi-stop shipment

  • Locations and Corporations
  • Calendars
  • Commodities and Items
  • Contacts
  • Equipments
  • Service provider
  • Lanes and Itinerary
  • Contact Notification
  • Automation Agents
  • Financial Rules for Service Providers
  • Rate manager ? Rate Record
  • Rate Offering & stop off charges
  • Rate Distance
  • Rate Quality and Preference
  • Rate Service
  • Rate Query
  • Less than truck load rate
  • Order Bases
  • OTM Status
  • Bulk Planning
  • Shipment modification and Tendering
  • Verify Match and Pay process and Voucher creation

Scenario: Creating and Tendering a Multi-leg Shipment

  • Public Location
  • Commodities and Items
  • Equipment
  • Truck Load Rates
  • Vessel rates
  • Accessorial and Special Services
  • Rail Rate
  • Multi-leg Itinerary
  • Rate Query with itinerary
  • Automatic assignment of data
  • Order Release
  • Audit data
  • Workspaces
  • Multi-leg Shipment

Scenario: Provisional and European VAT

  • Configuration of Provisional VAT
  • Configuration of European VAT

Scenario: Multi-leg shipment using Deconsolidation pool and Appointment

  • Locations and Regions
  • Location Resources
  • Rate
  • Multi-stop Itinerary
  • Order Releases
  • Bulk Planning
  • Managing Dock Scheduling

Scenario: Pre-Schedule Milk Run

  • Setting up Trips
  • Working with Trips


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